Our goal is your satisfaction. However sometimes things don’t work as one wishes:

1. If your product arrives damaged

We apologize if any items you received were damaged in shipment. We try our best to prevent damage, and less than 1% packages ever are damaged in shipment.  Insurance is highly recommended.  We always take care to pack jewelry, art-decor products as well as mineral and crystal specimens carefully, but we cannot control what happens after your package leaves our hands.  If you do not choose to have your package insured you assume the risk of damage during shipment.  If your product arrives in pieces, then you’ve bought a box of pieces.

2. You are not satisfied with your product

Please take the following advice in order to avoid false expectations:

Mineral and crystal specimen, as well as art-decor products and jewelry are commonly returned for two reasons:

1.) They looked larger on screen than in real life:

The first problem is easy to remedy in advance. Simply print out the photo to match the size listed under overall size. If you are not adept at printing photos to scale, go low-tech: measure out the dimensions on a piece of paper and find another object the same size. See if that size will be acceptable. Is it what you want to own? If not, do not order the product.

2.) The product does not look like the photo.

In case of mineral and crystal specimen this second problem is dependent on your environment where you keep your collection. All products on this site are accurately represented with photographs prepared under optimum conditions. This includes reflective backgrounds, custom support stands, color balanced spot-light sources and photographed from a single point of view. If minerals are displayed under less than optimum conditions (i.e. fluorescent lights, diffuse panel lights, incandescent lights, etc.) do not expect the full beauty of the product to show. We have worked hard to make sure the minerals are accurately represented. The images on this website are optimized with Adobe Photoshop on a PC computer.


However,  if you are not completely satisfied with the product or mineral specimens purchased you may return them within 1 week of date of receipt for a full refund.  That means you must send the product within a week after receiving it. (We are not referring to the date, when the product arrives again at our business, but the date you sent it).

We are sorry, no returns after the 1 week grace period, except by prior approval.


Select high-value items have a special return policy that requires they be sent back within 24 hours of receipt to receive the full refund. This special policy is required to prevent purchasers from trying to resell items, then returning them after they fail to find a buyer. You will be notified before the order is processed of these special limitations and be given the opportunity to cancel the order.

Please follow these steps when returning items for refund:

  1. Buyers are responsible for return shipping costs. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value. International customers are responsible for all import taxes and duties.
  2. Please email bougetperu@gmail.com to notify us of the intent to return the item(s).
  3. Wrap each specimen individually. Wrap around in all directions (like winding a ball of yarn or twine) until a minimum of 1/2 inch of padding is built up on all sides.
  4. Wrap the specimen (now protected with wrapping) plus all labels and documentation originally included in tissue paper or bubblewrap. Tape the tissue paper/bubblewrap closed to prevent opening during shipment.
  5. Pack in a shipping box the specimen/labels with 1/2 inch padding of crushed newspaper or bubblewrap between the specimens and the package walls on all sides.
  6. Do not reuse the box the minerals were shipped in if there is ANY evidence of crushing or damage. Shipping boxes are made to be used one time only and lose their strength after damage.
  7. Delicate specimens must be double boxed. A minimum if 1″ of bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts must be between the inner box and the outer box on all sides. (This is UPS and USPS regulations!)
  8. Ship the specimens to the return address on the package or enclosed invoice. Insure the package for the full value of the contents (do not include any discounts).

Failure to follow any steps above will result in: Invalidating the shipping insurance preventing any claims for damage. You, the shipper, assume all responsibility for potential damage. We will not refund money if the product arrives damaged.

After we have received the product(s) back in the same condition as they were sent to you, we will refund the purchase value of the returned product(s). Your purchase total will be recalculated, and applicable discounts applied. (If the returned items drop the total purchase into a lower discount category, the discounts applied will be at the lower rate.) A refund will be sent promptly for the difference between the original charge and the revised charge for only the items kept.

If the original purchase was made with a credit card, a credit will be processed to the same card. If the original order was made with check or money order and refund check will be mailed to you.