Retail discounts

For customers purchasing 4or more products at one time, we extend the following discounts:

– 10% off on orders over $200

– 12.5% off on orders over $400

– 15% off on orders over $600

These discounts do not apply to single products, crystal or mineral specimens priced above these values, only on purchases of 4 or more products.

These discounts apply to each transaction at the time of payment – they do not apply to orders with multiple payment methods or accumulate over multiple purchases.

Already discounted products:

Products showing already reduced prices or are in special offer are not discounted further, and do not count towards the threshold to determine discounts on the whole order.

Products Marked NET

Discounts do not apply to products with the notation “net” after the price.

These products are priced at the lowest price possible and cannot be discounted.

However, the value of the “net” priced specimens does apply to the total to qualify for the discounts listed above.

For example, an order for the following four products:

Chrysocolla sphere, $400 net

Chrysocolla heart, $32

Chrysocolla pyramid, $90

Pyrite heart, $100


Sub Total: $622

The subtotal exceeds the $600 minimum to qualify for 15% discount.

However, the $400 Chrysocolla sphere is priced “net” so the discount only applies to the remaining three specimens.

Total discount = $33.3 (=$222 x 15%).


Please do not request additional discounts.

We cannot provide discounts on individual products. We try our best to price the products fairly. Unlike other dealers, we do not add 20% to the asking price, so that we can give a discount to every customer.

You may find other products cheaper somewhere else, however their quality may not compare to ours.