Our jewelry

Bouget stands for unique and unusual jewelry. Our jewelry is influenced by the diversity of nature as well as the variety of human culture and based on solid craftsmanship.

We cherish medieval metalsmithing techniques like wire-jewelry, chainmail and wire crochet.

We produce most of the jewelry materials by ourselves. We melt the silver and gold and form it into wires. We cut rough gemstone rocks and produce our own cabochons to be included into our jewelry.

All our jewelry is hand-made and most of the works are produced in limited editions or even as one unique piece not to be repeated or repeatable. We enjoy the intimate process of producing custom-made jewelry in a close dialogue with our client.

We are aiming to get wire jewelry out of the hippy and boho corner and show the technique’s value for producing filigree high class jewelry.  In order to do so we do not work in copper or with fake materials like alpaca-wire. We use only fine silver wire (silver with a purity of 99.9 %) or gold.

Bougets jewelry steps out of the beaten path. We love to use regular materials like rainforest seeds, stone, wood, leather or even cement, as well as recycled materials like bullet shells or electronic trash and combine it with silver, gold and gemstones in order to create new jewelry dimensions.

We aim to create jewelry that tells a story, a story about its creation, a story about nature or human culture.

We are open for everything from cherishing simplicity in straightforward minimalist designs to creating opulent statement jewelry for outstanding women and men.