Why can’t I reach you by phone or email

If we are not in when you call, leave a message on our confidential voice mail. If we are not immediately answering your emails, please have in mind that we are travelling a lot to to the rainforest or into the Peruvian desert in order to buy materials or internationally to attend shows. We always try to have somebody in Lima attending email requests and phone calls. However sometimes that does not work, which means that it is possible that you may take a few days to reach us.


Do you have a store in Lima?

No, sales are internet only. However, if you live or work in Lima or if you are here for a visit, you may arrange to pickup your order in person at our production plant. In that case please coordinate your visit previously by email (bougetperu@gmail.com) or phone (+51 – 994104206).


Do you ever give retail discounts on your products?

Yes, on orders of four or more products I will extend a discount of 10% if the total is over $200, 12.5% if the total is over $400, and 15% if the order is over $600. Products marked “net” are not discounted ever, but do count towards the threshold to determine discounts on the remaining order. Products showing already reduced prices or are in special offer are not discounted further, and do not count towards the threshold to determine discounts on the whole order.

We cannot provide discounts on individual products. We try our best to price the products fairly. Unlike other dealers, we do not add 20% to the asking price, so that we can give a discount to every customer.

You may find other products cheaper somewhere else, however their quality may not compare to ours.


Why should I sign your newsletter?

If you submit your email address to the newsletter, you will be notified immediately when new products are added to our site. You will be informed about the gem shows and fairs we are participating in and you will be notified of special offers. This means you get the jump on the casual visitor. Only those on the email list get the opportunity to see the products first and that may be the difference between getting the Product or crystal specimen you want or losing out to another customer.


If I request a product that is already sold, will you send a substitute?

Not if the product is a mineral or crystal specimen. Each mineral product (heart, sphere, egg-shape, etc.) and crystal is unique in its coloration and shape. Instead we will inform you that your product was sold already and provide you with an offer of several alternative products of the same shape or type.

The same is true for jewelry or art-decor products marked as unique or limited edition.

We will never ship a substitute. If you like a product already labeled as “sold” and do not find another one you like on the website, please  write us and we will provide you with more product suggestion from our storage (not all our products are featured on the web site).


Email is easier, do I have to use your online order form?

No, email is acceptable.  However, the order form ensures all the required information is provided, it generates the paperwork to process your order, and it expedites shipping.


Do you have better products available?

No. We may have other products available, but not better. All our products have unique coloration patterns and quality features, so it’s really hard to determine what’s “best”. We do always post the products that we find to be “best”. However that does not mean that we necessarily meet your taste. We also cannot post all our products. There are always many more in stock. If you sign up to our newsletter you will be informed always about new uploads and products and if you don’t find one you like today, this may change tomorrow or in a little while. So if you don’t find anything you like on the web site its worth sending us an email and telling us what you are looking for. We will send you alternative offers from our stock or in some cases we even may be able to produce customized products especially for you.


How can I communicate my credit card number to you without using email?

Good question. This is a concern to many people. Our online order form is fast and completely secure. The order form is maintained at the industry standards for security.

Or you may call us. If we are not in when you call, leave a message on our confidential voice mail. We are travelling a lot to buy materials to work with and the Peruvian rainforest and desert is in great part without connection to phone or internet service. We always try to have somebody in Lima attending email requests and phone calls. However sometimes that does not work, which means that it is possible that you may take a few days to reach us.

Make sure you include credit card number, expiration date, and the name on the card. No matter how you communicate the credit card information, make sure you fill out the online order form to ensure prompt service.


How are the minerals shipped nationally?

How are the minerals shipped internationally?


Do packages ever get lost?

Yes. Though in all the years doing business very few packages were lost. Insuring the contents guarantees that you are compensated if you unfortunately have your order lost during delivery.


Who pays for shipping?

The customer pays for shipping. When you receive your email confirmation the shipping and insurance charges will be itemized. If you want to avoid shipping charges you may arrange to pick up the specimens at one of the mineral and gem shows we attend or pick the product up at our production plant in Lima.


Do you sell wholesale products to dealers?

Yes, some and in large quantities. If you are a commercial client, please review our wholesale section and sign up to our newsletter for commercial clients.


How do you make your photographs?

We use a Canon D7 digital camera with several LED-lamps for illumination. Minerals are photographed on fabric, or board. The images are cropped, cleaned up, and optimized in Adobe Photoshop. The image size is reduced to keep the file size about 60k to speed download time.


What is the “File Not Found” error when looking for a page?

The mineral sold and was removed.


There are too many products to choose from, do you make recommendations?

Yes, we are happy to help and advise you when selecting products. Every specimen is unique and we can help judge relative quality or rarity. If you are looking for a gift, we can point you towards some unique specimens or work within your price range.


I do not see what I am looking for, do you have other product specimens available?

We are continuously producing new products, which means we have a huge stock. It is impossible to post all products on this site. However, all specimens are cataloged in our database making searches and queries easy to handle. Send us your request, and we will respond with a custom listing.